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The ability to show women the beauty in them that they often overlook is such a satisfying and fulfilling aspect to my job. When clients leave feeling like a million bucks I consider that a session well done. I’m a world traveler and organizing these boudoir marathons in many cities allows me to fuel two passions, travel and photography! I also teach photography so I will be offering workshops while traveling.
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Lee Holt
Positive self-image, is one of the driving factors which captivated Lee into this form of photography. He has had a love for photography since a young age: he won his first award in a county wide contest at 10 years old taking first place using my 35 millimeter film camera. I went to photography school myself and passed on my knowledge to him as a child. Now, he is teaching me. He realized the passion he had for photography and has surpassed me in more ways than one: especially his digital editing which he has mastered the art in every way, shape, and form. Not only is he teaching me his new skills, but he also teaches workshops. From technicalities: Lighting and posing – to client interactions. The best way to learn a subject is to teach it, and only then can one say they have truly mastered an art (which he says he will never stop learning.)
Word of mouth has been the key to the success of Lee’s photography business. That is the advertising that speaks for itself, literally! Within the first 5 minutes of a photo session it isn’t unusual for him to show his client their image on the back of the camera and ask, “Well you tell me, do you look good?” knowing they look astounding. From there the session only improves. He shows his professionalism by explaining to them if they move a certain way it makes this look better because of the lighting or angle, so they understand and feel more comfortable. He likes a challenge and never gives up until he has the perfect image that he is trying to tackle in his mind. His personality is perfect for boudoir photography as I raised him to be a people person, He makes it such a fun experience and I’m very proud of his professionalism on photo shoots. Being a male boudoir photographer I think Lee has a different outlook about each woman’s portrayal of beauty, trust him he def knows YOUR angles and you will be so happy with your photos!
Lee’s passion for photography has taken him all over the world! Seriously, he’s been to Norway, Sweden, Thailand, Costa Rica, Bali: the list goes on and on. Why do I know so much? Because not only have I assisted him many times, Lee is my son.
Melody Holt
Melody HoltLee’s Mother