You to feel sexy!

Your images will never (EVER!) be posted online without your ok.  After your session we will have an image review and if you’re ok with me using a few for social media or the website that’s awesome!  I’m totally cool either way! I won’t pressure you to let me share your personal images anywhere.

Fly me to New York? Yes, please! I am also available to travel internationally. Be sure to follow me on Instagram as I always post when and where I’ll be traveling. I will be making tours around the United States so if you want me to come to your city let me know!

Yes! The women you see on my website are just normal everyday women and are not models. My photo shoots are for every woman, every shape, size, color, age and etc… You are beautiful just the way you are and I want to show you.

It is best for you to bring items of your own because they will fit you best. I will give you a suggested list of items to bring that’s included in the pre-shoot guide after your session is booked. You should bring more items than we will use so I can do a wardrobe consultation with you to choose the best outfits for the session.

Choose outfits that make you feel sexy and comfortable.  Whether you prefer bra and panty sets, boy shorts and a sweater or garters and a bustier, pick outfits that you love, in colors that are flattering and make sure that they fit you properly! Once you book your shoot and pay your retainer, you’ll receive an email outlining all the details on how to prepare for your shoot and wardrobe ideas.

I will show you all the sexy poses, so don’t worry about “modeling.” I know this kind of session can be intimidating, but I promise it will be fun and easy. By the end of the shoot you will feel like a movie star. All of the women on my website are real clients not models so you can see the transformation of girl next door to sexy vixen.

This depends on which package you choose. Hair and make up typically takes an hour and depending on which package you choose will determine how long the shoot will take.

This is the statement I hear the most!! Believe me I have tons of past clients that tell me after their shoots they can’t believe they waited this long. JUST DO IT!!! You will thank me later.

Generally I prefer to work one on one with our clients, and one assistant. Simply because sometimes an ‘audience’ can make you feel more self conscious. If you must bring someone for moral support,  please limit it to one person.

I strongly encourage you to be on time, because I may not be able to accommodate you if you’re late. I book several clients per day and my scheduling is based on every client being on time and shooting for their chosen package. If you’re late then it will cut into your shooting time, as we have to be ready for our next client at her scheduled time. If there happens to not be a client scheduled after you then you’re in luck and you will get your full booking time 🙂

Absolutely. I require a minimum of 7 days notice to reschedule a private session.  If you contact me to reschedule less than 7 days before your shoot, you forget about your appointment or you reschedule more than twice, your payment is non-refundable as I can’t reproduce the shooting conditions. You can have a session credit for another session though. When you sign your contract, I block off those hours to work with you, thus turning away people interested in shooting that day and time. Travel sessions can not be rescheduled as expenses for these sessions are included in the original booking. Best option for marathons is to find a friend that could take your place.

Choose your city and date on the upcoming marathons page and then select your package from the dropdown menu and you’re all set! After making your payment you will receive a pre-session guide 4-5 days before the marathon date explaining what to bring and how to show up for your session. Let’s make beautiful images!